Make Every House Feel Like Home: Interior Design Secrets with Whitney Solomon Part 2

Let’s continue our conversation with Whitney Solomon as we dive deeper into interior design, common dos and don’ts when designing a home, and more! So be sure to tune in, and don’t miss a second of this episode.


Key takeaways to listen for

  • Most common design mistakes you should avoid

  • Whitney’s approach to working with clients

  • Essential elements of creating an inviting rental space

  • Why you should have long-term goals for your business




About Whitney Solomon

Whitney is the head honcho of Whit at Home, a full-service Interior Design studio. She started Whit at Home for one simple reason – to create beautiful spaces that feel like home & to have fun along the way. Because without fun, what’s the point? She loves design, but even more than design, she loves people. They are on a mission to help each client create a space that reflects their personal style, not hers. Each space is curated with them in mind, so no two spaces look alike. From mid-century and clean to traditional and beachy, they love it all. 


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